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The Daily Mail is bad for your health

My boyfriend and I, often have the discussion about the Daily Mail’s ability to profess that pretty much EVERYTHING in existence is ‘bad for your health’.

I thought it would be funny to do a little experiment…

I went on the Daily Mail website and typed in ‘bad for your health’ in the search bar…Couldn’t quite believe it but I found 334 pages worth of articles about things the Daily Mail say are ‘bad for your health’.

Go see for yourself  - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/search.html

If you can’t be bothered looking, I have listed some of the things that are ‘bad for your health’ below -

*Christmas shopping

*Reality T.V

*Your bedside clock



*Being clean

*Television Medical Dramas i.e ‘House’

*Health check ups

*Going to the gym



I think i’ve proven my point!

Don’t believe everything you read folks!

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